NEW Games

Hounded tomorrow: “A chase game of scent and cunning.” and I for one am getting psyched for Field Day on Governor’s Island on 7/16.

What game elements will endure for a thousand years? Daniel Solis wants to find out–and give a $1000 to the designers who creates the most “timeless” game of all.  Check out his contest.

Players: 2-10

The Gear: Paper, pencil, a few dollars per player and a pre-selected baseball game.

My husband came up with this game as a way to parody baseball obsessives—of which he is one—and also as a way to include the non-fan friends for a sports-watching party. The game works best for baseball, because 90% of the telecast is everything happening between the action—shots of the dugout or a guy waiting at first base. You can adjust it for any sport; however, it’s best for games with a lot of players.


More in San Francisco! Check out Journey to the End of the Night on October 30th. I found out about it from comeoutandplay on Twitter–check them out for good games news.

If you’re in San Francisco and you like games, these folks do the Big Urban Games better than anyone. It’s a full weekend (October 22-24th) of new outdoor games, made up by game designers and organized by Come Out and Play, the same folks who brought us Counter Squirt and Can I Buy You a Drink? in The Games Bible. Check out for more info.