Grown-up Friendly

Played this the other night with nine friends at a games party–it’s like a grown-up version of King of the Hill. A team game that and uses strategy and memory to CONTROL THE COUCH. We played men against women…the men won. Guess they are better at controlling the couch.

Players: 2-10

The Gear: Paper, pencil, a few dollars per player and a pre-selected baseball game.

My husband came up with this game as a way to parody baseball obsessives—of which he is one—and also as a way to include the non-fan friends for a sports-watching party. The game works best for baseball, because 90% of the telecast is everything happening between the action—shots of the dugout or a guy waiting at first base. You can adjust it for any sport; however, it’s best for games with a lot of players.



Players: 2-6

Band Name, Album Name, or Boat Name is perhaps the quintessential road-trip activity. It keeps you alert to your surroundings, your creativity pumping, and the conversation flowing. It sure beats falling asleep with cheeto dust drooling out of your mouth as you listen to  Blood on the Tracks for the fiftieth time. Created by Thi Nguyen, Band Name came my way via Says Thi, “we invented this game when we saw a homey, un-squared-away, sweet little wooden houseboat, with off-center hand-lettering announcing its name: Well Done. And I said, ‘that’s apt—it is, indeed, well done.’” (more…)

More in San Francisco! Check out Journey to the End of the Night on October 30th. I found out about it from comeoutandplay on Twitter–check them out for good games news.

They come up with the first half of the phrase, you come up with the second. Funniest one wins.

Today’s is: “He was like Disneyland…”

and a few contestants are:

“…kills someone every few years.”

“…he sounded magical, but in reality was dirty.”

“…promising  a wonderland while robbing you blind.”