Family Friendly

Played this the other night with nine friends at a games party–it’s like a grown-up version of King of the Hill. A team game that and uses strategy and memory to CONTROL THE COUCH. We played men against women…the men won. Guess they are better at controlling the couch.

Players: 2-10

The Gear: Paper, pencil, a few dollars per player and a pre-selected baseball game.

My husband came up with this game as a way to parody baseball obsessives—of which he is one—and also as a way to include the non-fan friends for a sports-watching party. The game works best for baseball, because 90% of the telecast is everything happening between the action—shots of the dugout or a guy waiting at first base. You can adjust it for any sport; however, it’s best for games with a lot of players.


Word Links, played over Instant Message or a chat program with a pal, will help you cheerfully while away a few workday minutes.

Players: 2-6


“It” mentally lists several two-word phrases or ideas that each contain a common word. For example, end run, run-around, run out, run up—the common word, of course, is run. Then the other word from each phrase is presented as a clue. The players will venture guesses as to the common word.

Check out this recent game of Work Links, to give you an idea of how the game might go:

“It” is thinking of the word key.
It: “Stone.”
Guesser(s): “henge? wall? cold?” They will think for a moment or two and then, when all guessers agree they are stumped, may ask for another clue:  “Next clue, please.”
It: “House.”
Guessers try to find a common word linking stone and house. They venture guesses until someone hits on the common word or they have to request another clue.
It: “Note.”
Guessers continue trying to find common word until someone hits on “key”—key stone, house key, keynote. Obviously, “It” might need at least five or six words stockpiled for use as clues.

Chop-a-Croc! When you see a pair of Crocs, karate-chop your companion and scream “Chop-a-Croc [color]”. Like Punch Buggy, but since there are so few real Beetles left, Chop-a-Croc is far more satisfying.