A few years I noticed that parties just weren’t all that fun any more. Even at at the most lively gatherings, people would inevitably gather ’round the laptop to look at YouTube videos of parakeets or photos of cats that look like Hitler.

Then one night at a cocktail party a friend–who obviously shared my boredom–suggested we play Psychological Scavenger Hunt, in which players compete to discover one another’s interesting quirks and tastes. Guests started interviewing each other, hearing one crazy story after another. Suddenly, we were laughing and flirting–connecting. From there we moved on to Mafia, a near-perfect parlor game that has you playacting, colluding and double-crossing your nearest and dearest. Within weeks, our social lives were revolutionized. Soon I was looking forward to parties again—to teetering on someone’s lap in Adult Musical Chairs and digging through the host’s underwear drawer in Word Hunt–rather than worrying about endless small talk and how to discreetly slip off my painful shoes.  It wasn’t just that the games were fun, it was that they immediately dispenses with everything that can weigh a party down–cutting through the inhibitions, formality, and tension that is typically hurdled by lots of drinking.

So if you, like me and my friends, need a little more real-time, real-life socializing, you’re in luck. In The Games Bible you’ll find 350 low-tech games for highly social people. Feel like a rousing game of Canasta, Sardines, Chop-A-Croc, Mafia? Want a road-trip game for that long ride to Boca over the holidays? Try Band Name Boat Name Album Name? Need to kill 20 minutes on the tarmac? Try 25 Letters. There are even a bunch of new games contributed by game designers–Counter-Squirt (like CounterStrike but with water guns), Demolition Tic-Tac-Toe, Competitive Picnicking–that will rev up your parties, whether the gathering is 2 people or 200. So check out The Games Bible, available at Amazon or at your friendly neighborhood bookseller, for more fun than you ever imagined. Get your copy today!

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  1. Claire says:


  2. hushai says:

    Our special game goes like this. You sit in a circle and grab the pinkie of the people on either side. This becomes the magic railway. You send the train around by squeezing the finger on one side. The leader appoints some people to be stations and others to be animals/characters. Stations can keep the train going or change its direction. If it changes, the station master has to ring a bell, ie the station has to say “ding dong”. Whenever the train passes an animal/character everyone has to hear it. One person is in the middle asking, “Do you have the train?” When they find it, they become the next leader and the person who had the train has to become the next person in the middle.

  3. Jacqueline F. says:

    LOVE the book! Tweaking some games so I can use them in my Spanish I-IV classes and the kids LOVE them. Can’t find the \Big Booty\ example video on the webite, though. Thanks!

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